4 Things To Consider Before Returning To Your Office

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After the Government announcement on Monday, it is vital that you start to consider some procedures before returning to your office around June! Not only is it imperative to take into consideration your employees health and safety, but it is also essential to make sure that your office’s technology is up to scratch. Take a look at the 4 things we think you should consider before re-opening your office –

1.Office infrastructure
Whether you’re planning on returning to your office space or moving to a brand new one, it’s important to look at the building infrastructure to determine how you need to cable and set up your network. If you’re moving to a brand new office space, it is vital to contact your IT provider to determine which method of cabling and network is the best for your office space. Your IT provider will ensure all of your employees and workstations will receive the connectivity they need to work efficiently. You’ll also want to assure that your data cabinet will accommodate all of your hardware and that the environment is safe and secure.

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2.Software and Hardware
As employees start returning to your office, it is fundamental that you ensure that you have the correct software licensing which are up-to-date, such as Office 365 Licenses. You will also need to purchase the most competent hardware for each user’s workstations, as well as looking into your network setup to determine if you’ll want to upgrade your current server or move to cloud-based software.

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3.Internet Service Provider
In order for your employees to work efficiently and stay productive starts with having a good Internet connection in your office. It’s crucial that you have the appropriate bandwidth (the rate of data transfer across a given path) to ensure that your employees are able to upload and download a vast amount of files and content. Not only is the bandwidth a key component to look into when wanting to install a new Internet Service Provider, but so is the reliability of service and their response rate to enquiries and issues.

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4. Flexible Working Considerations
I think we can all agree that even though working from home has been stressful and mundane at times, the locational independence and inclusivity side of it has been life-changing. So, even though most of your employees will be returning to your office, some may find flexible working a lot more suitable for them. Therefore, hosting remote meetings will still remain a daily occurrence in the workplace so that employees in-house can communicate effortlessly with those working from home. It is imperative that you do not cancel all of your remote working technology when returning to your office as flexible working is now the way of the future.

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