Clock House Farm

Case Study


Clock House Farm is a thriving agricultural business located in the picturesque countryside. With a rich history spanning several decades, Clock House Farm has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Led by a team of dedicated professionals, the farm combines traditional farming practices with modern techniques to ensure sustainable and efficient operations. 


Clock House Farm were facing challenges with their current hosted desktop environment, which lacked productivity, reliability, and value for money. Clock House Farm sought a solution that would provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective working environment for all users. 

Alex from Clock House approached Qlic after working with them previously under another employer. 


Following an initial meeting team proposed utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services. This solution would offer advanced functionality, scalability, and reliability while significantly reducing costs compared to maintaining private cloud servers. Additionally, it would provide the flexibility to switch providers in the future if desired. 

Hosted Desktop Decommission 

Working closely with third-party software suppliers including Crop Picker, Key Accounts, and Gatekeeper, we planned to migrate Clock House Farm away from their existing private cloud environment. The focus was to transition to a more robust, reliable, and user-friendly Microsoft 365 centric platform. This solution would leverage Microsoft SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Intune, and a small Azure Cloud Server for Key Accounts & Gatekeeper. 

Azure Cloud Server 

To meet the specific requirements of Key Accounts & Gatekeeper, we proposed provisioning dedicated cloud servers. This involved creating and maintaining a Domain Controller Server, Terminal Server, and App Server environment in Microsoft Azure. This setup would enable Clock House Farm’s key users to access a virtual desktop environment, allowing them to use the required software while continuing to access email, files/folders, and Microsoft Teams through their local devices. 

User & Device Management 

To adhere to security best practices and GDPR compliance, our solution involved implementing Azure Active Directory for access control. This ensured that only users with active organizational email accounts could access Clock House Farm’s desktop and laptop devices. Centralised management of local device policies, such as enforcing password strength and administrator privileges, would be achieved using Microsoft Intune. This approach would ensure devices were kept up to date and secure. 

Migration & Implementation 

We proposed a fully project-managed installation to facilitate a seamless transition from the existing IT solution to the new configuration. Before migration, we planned to provide a comprehensive demonstration of the cloud solution to Clock House Farm. Our project manager would collaborate with Clock House Farm’s team to determine the optimal configuration for their users, ensuring a smooth implementation process. 


By implementing the proposed solution, Clock House Farm had the following benefits: 

Increased Productivity: The new Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services environment provides a more efficient working environment, enabling users to collaborate effectively and access the required tools seamlessly. 

Improved Reliability: The robustness and reliability of the Microsoft 365 and Azure infrastructure has enhanced the overall stability and availability of Clock House Farm’s IT systems. 

Cost Savings: By migrating from private cloud servers to Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services, Clock House Farm have achieved significant cost savings, eliminating the need for infrastructure maintenance and reducing licensing costs. 

Enhanced Security: Implementing Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune has strengthened access control and device management, ensuring compliance with security best practices and GDPR requirements. 

Future Flexibility: Clock House Farm have benefited from the portability offered by Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services, allowing them to switch providers easily if desired. 

Clock House Farm’s decision to migrate to Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services enabled them to overcome the limitations of their existing hosted desktop environment. The proposed solution, backed by industry-leading services, ensures a secure, efficient, and cost-effective working environment. Following a seamless migration process, Clock House Farm can look forward to increased productivity, improved reliability, and long-term scalability for their IT infrastructure. 


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