Six Reasons Your Company Should Have a Network Audit

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The IT infrastructure of your business is crucial. There are many factors contributing to the smooth running of your IT and the chances are it has been slowly built up over time, as your company has grown and expanded in the 21st Century.

Your IT system no doubt has to cope with numerous things at once to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This includes the network, security, access permissions, applications and much more. As such, your company may have outgrown the infrastructure set in place many years ago, whilst there could be some key technical issues slowing down your efficiency levels.

This is exactly where an IT network audit comes in. A network audit will assess your IT infrastructure and determine where there are technical frailties, security risks and key areas that can be improved upon.

What’s more, a network doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. It can be quick and painless too, simply alerting you to the potential risks of your existing infrastructure and aiding significant improvement in the future.

Take a look at some of the very best reasons to have a network audit performed and find out more information below.

Discover where your infrastructure can improve

This is one of the significant benefits to having a network audit carried out on your IT. The chances are there is a range of incredible improvements you can take advantage of, which a network audit would highlight. For instance, on a single computer it may be discovered upgrading the memory would result in a significant boost in performance.

Other examples of an instant improvement could be as a result of incorrect system settings being in use or substandard security configurations in place. These are not only inexpensive fixes, but will also ensure a quick resolution.

Inability to back up data and prevent against losses

Data loss can be extremely time consuming and simple upgrades to your IT system can help eliminate this worry and hassle completely. Without the correct data loss prevention measures in place, staff can lose valuable data they’ve been working on for hours on end.

Increase staff productivity and meet deadlines with ease

A lack of staff productivity can be detrimental to any business and much of this can come down to the IT network you are using. If staff are unable to work efficiently, it is your company’s money going down the drain.

If your IT network is ever unavailable, this results in staff resting on their laurels. Of course, this also comes hand-in-hand with meeting specific deadlines. If applications need to be submitted on time or an accountant has tax schedules to keep too and unexpected IT errors are encountered, this is only going to result in a negative impact on the business.

Uncover outdated hardware for long term gains

With many IT infrastructures, one of the biggest problems is outdated hardware being used. By updating this you’ll see a significant improvement across the whole network, by integrating new, faster components.

You may also have discs that are close to full capacity and can therefore make a long term plan for upgrading your IT. This will ensure not spending too much all at once, whilst putting necessary focus on the continued improvement of your entire network.

Find out what software is in use

If everyone involved in your company has the capability of installing software on your network there could be a whole range of programmes using up valuable space. What’s more, there’s even the possibility of employees having installed software on your network for sharing illegal files or those that aren’t work relevant.

An audit will determine what software has been installed, what’s no longer necessary and how you can create further space on your network and speed up processes.

Create a proactive environment as opposed to reactive

With a network audit you can create a proactive environment, which is much better for your business than a reactive. With reactive, you are more or less waiting for something to happen. When it does, you’ll then waste time having the error reported and fixed.

Proactivity ensures potential errors are fixed before they can pose a problem for your company. You’ll find out everything that could cause potentially serious damage and ensure this is corrected.

So there you have it; six excellent reasons to have a network audit on your existing IT infrastructure. No matter your requirements, it’s important to upgrade your IT and improve efficiency levels by determining what can be updated. From increased pro-activity to removing unnecessary programs, a network audit is the perfect solution for many businesses. At Qlic we offer a free network audit and site survey. This gives you the opportunity to get a clear idea of how your IT is performing without paying a penny.

Why not book your free network audit with Qlic today? You can give us a call on 020 8269 6878 and discuss your IT with our team of trained advisors or visit to find out more.

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