Solar Tackle

Case Study



Solar Tackle came to Premier as their server was at the end of its life and out of warranty. Solar Tackle were looking to continue working in their existing manner, with very little change and disruption to users.


Premier recommended a brand-new DELL server, with 5 year DELL warranty, with a project managed and seamless Active Directory and data migration path, over a pre-determined weekend. For Solar Tackle, this meant they could continue doing what they do best, and business processes could continue, unaffected.



The new server installation took place on-site over a weekend by our dedicated project manager and his team. A new server was installed to replace their out of warranty server, with seamless Active Directory migration, data migration and transition of Line of Business Applications including SAP.

All users were configured, and data migrated to ensure that there was no downtime and very limited disruption on the Monday morning.


Cloud backup was also set up to ensure that Solar Tackle data was fully protected in the event of disaster recovery scenario, data deletion or corruption.

Finally, engineers were on-site on the Monday morning to provide any necessary snagging, which proved very limited.


Solar Tackle have the peace of mind that an efficient and robust server is in place, with a 5-year manufacturer’s hardware warranty, as well as cloud backup. All whilst continuing to work and without disturbing business processes.


“Our business relies heavily on a reliable server and avoiding down-time during the server change and limiting any set-up issues was import for us. The switch over was quick, efficient and avoided any down-time for our business.
Premier Choice provided a professional and competent service that we would recommend to other business.”

Solar Tackle