Revealed! Here’s Why We’re Rebranding Now

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After almost 20 years, we’ve decided to refresh our brand and reinvent ourselves for the future (about time, we know!). It’s the same excellent experience but delivered in a spectacular new uniform which seamlessly symbolises our values and personality. Expect an exciting new style underpinned by a snappy new nametag in our rebranding.

This hasn’t been an overnight folly, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we’d like to upgrade ourselves. From the name to the look and feel, everything you see has been meticulously designed to make you proud of your IT partner. 

Essentially, we wanted our rebranding to help us evolve into the business we are fast becoming. We needed to look, feel and sound: modern, reliable, strong, established, ambitious, personable, approachable, proactive, professional. We wanted our existing clients to really feel proud of who they’re working with and of course, we always love to spark relationships with new, exciting organisations around the country.

That’s why we had to make a move, not away but forwards and upwards. We’ve upgraded everything from our name and our identity down to our tone of voice. Everybody’s got a dream, ours is to be bigger and serve our people better, and a new brand is the vehicle we need to arrive at that destination. 

So, that was the short answer! If you’ve still got a few sips of your coffee left, read on…

A peek behind the scenes

We’re a pretty open and honest bunch, as you’ll know. So, we want to share our rebranding thought process with you because there’s much more to this amazing transformation than simply wanting to look better.

The first thing we did was head back to the drawing board to nail down our mission and vision…

Mission: Our mission is to proactively empower organisations and businesses around the UK with the best possible IT solutions. 

Vision: We see a brighter future for Britain’s organisations in which their digital performance is optimised so they can run to the best of their potential. 


Then, we defined our values like this…

1. Excellence
Performance is everything. We get the job done to the best possible standard.

2. Integrity
We’re honest with our clients. We’ll say what we really believe and back it up with reason.

3. Proactivity
We don’t just tick boxes. We actively look to optimise and improve our clients’ businesses.

4. Personality
We’re not robots. We’re real people who enjoy pina coladas and ping pong. 


Next, we took a look at our goals for the future and defined them like this…

1. Be the best in Britain

‘UK’ and ‘Britain’ are mentioned in our mission and vision for a reason. We’re truly committed to becoming a reputable leader in our industry, representing for the country, around the country (and beyond!). 

2. Stay strong in existing sectors

Our not-for-profit clients love working with us because we have that expertise and experience within our team. The same can be said for the private sectors we’re involved in and we don’t want this to change. We want to double down on our specialisms and show our strength.  

Did you know? 83% of charities say they are poor at digital service delivery and 67% say they want stronger digital leadership.

3. Expand into new territories

As our team grows, we are going to explore different sectors and take on new client partners. We discovered that there are heaps of companies out there in various industries who are looking for new IT partners to rely on.

Did you know? Since COVID, larger enterprises are depending more on external IT partners and they’re also renegotiating their deals with their existing providers. 


In a nutshell…

You’ve just seen a snippet of our thought process for rebranding, and we’re sure you’ll agree that in order to live and breathe those attributes we need a new name and identity. 

We were Premier Choice Internet, we are Qlic. While our old name might have been right for 2002, over the last decade it’s felt outdated. Qlic is slick, punchy, modern, and it captures our togetherness as a team. Going one step further, Qlic can also stand for ‘Quality, Leadership, Innovation and Care’ – four attributes which we deliver every single day. 

We’ll be bringing you more rebranding behind-the-scenes insights soon, keep an eye out for our next update! 

From the 16th August, we will officially be known as Qlic IT for Business!

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